About Us



-          Adornbella LLC.

Adornbella.com is an ecommerce plate form to sell wide range of jewelry and women fashion ware from artisans and creative designers. The items sold on the portal are produced in all over the places in India and around the globe. The company tries to promote cottage industry to bring up rustic designers and producers of fashion jewelry and other items. It is our passion and experience to provide best quality products at competitive price online, word wide.

We are manufacturers and suppliers of traditional artisan jewelry for a long period of time. We have our manufacturing and contract manufacturing units in India, Indonesia and Nepal.

Our products ranges are blend of handmade by the finest artisans and machine made products. Our brand carries tons of experience in designing, manufacturing and quality control within one company.

We believe in quality and establish ourselves as one of the major brand in whatever we manufacture and sell. Each of our products goes through a stringent quality control along with secondary quality check before it is being packed and shipped. We work with pools of designers, artisans and special skill people and develop stunning products. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We focuses on women fashion products and try to make them unique so that our customers feel special after buying our products.

We are consolidating our designing and manufacturing facilities and work with finest manufacturers all over the world.



Our Vision

-          Our vision is to empower and provide a complete buying satisfaction online to the customers to become one of the major brands in women jewelry and fashion ware.



-          Adornbella.com led by team of technocrats and online marketing and sales experts who have vast experience in ecommerce and customer relationship management. We are backed by a team of technocrats with tones of experience in handling latest and greatest technological aspect of ecommerce. We keep on doing skill augmentation and keep hiring new people to keep our plate form up to date and secure.