Terms & Conditions

When you come to this website you are bound by our terms and conditions. If you do not wish to comply with our terms and condition, please refrain yourself using this website. The agreement here in describes terms and conditions about your usage of the products and services offered herein including the website.


Information on your account profile page:


Email id

You are providing your email id when you register to do business with us. Whoever wants to purchase from our website can choose to register or he/she can choose to check out without registering with us. But system keeps the information for order delivery purposes and for promotion emails only, if you opted for it. When you buy from us and check out as guest to place an order, you will be asked if you wish to sign up for promotional emails during the checkout process.

When you register system will ask you to fill in email id and telephone number if you wish to ignore system will pick up your email id, address and phone number from your first order confirmation page.

Again we do not share your information to anyone else.


Secure Ordering

We are using industry –standard SSL encryption for payment processing, so you can be rest assure that your order and credit card information remains secure.


Order, Pricing and Returns

We keep your order history till you close your account with us. You can always go online and check your orders from past, you can check items quantity and price purchased and order and item you returned etc.



Your password is for your personal use on this website and may not be use by any other person or company even with permission. You are solely responsible to maintain the security of your password.  You are fully responsible for all actions taken on your account and password on this website.


For more details please go to our website policy page. If you still have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email