Promotional Policy

1.       When you sign up with Adornbella you will be entitled to have 5% cashback on all purchases made. Cashback were sent you at the end of every six months, you can also use your cash back rewards toward new purchases.

2.       If you opt for apply my cash back automatically towards my purchases, system will automatically apply your cash back on your next order. The amount applied from cashback will be clearly indicated on order confirmation page of the order.

3.       If you return the product or entire order and you have used cashback amount of the returned order in another purchase. Then system will deduct cashback amount and refund the remaining amount to your credit card.

4.       Cash back amount in your account can only be used for discount against your purchase with us.

5.       We reserve the right to change any terms and conditions or completely withdraw it without prior notice.

6.       Your cashback amount will be accrued every time you purchase from us, you can view it on your profile in my rewards and cash back tab.

7.       You cannot club your cash back amount with other promotions..