All of our products are nicely packed in the boxes with company logo on it. We take extra care to pack jewelry and high price products. Our packing boxes are made specific to product specifications product sizes. We also do a custom gift packing based special request by occasions like birthday, anniversaries, graduation and other special occasions etc.


craft velvet jewelry box in red or black color for an additional 10USD. The velvet jewelry gift boxes add a finishing touch to your gift and will make a lasting impression. Choosing the perfect earrings or a ring is half the battle. Jewelry gift boxes with a classy leatherette or a wooden ring gift box will make any special occasion stand out. Don't make the mistake of putting a high-end bracelet or pendant in a cardboard jewelry gift box. Give that special someone a hint at what awaits them with an elegant jewelry gift box.

We guarantee that our boxes are of the best quality. A generous amount of non-tarnishing jeweler's cotton is included in every box. Our exclusive gift boxes are made in the U.S.A. All of the paperboard, cotton filled boxes are made from 100% recycled materials of which 75% is post-consumer waste.

Jewelry gift boxes are one of the most useful and beautiful developments. Beautiful jewelry gift boxes are also the perfect means of storage for special pieces. Either for travel or to keep at home, our packages are specifically designed to hold bracelets, earrings or other pieces of jewelry. These lasting packages are also great to keep around if a piece is going to become a family heirloom. Handing over a family's legacy in the original gift box is convenient and special.